A short intro…

Hi there.  My name is Jon Freer and I am a husband, father of three and a teacher.  I have been teaching at The Solebury School in New Hope, Pennsylvania for the last 15 years.  In that time I have taught courses ranging from Biology to Chemistry to Forensics to Algebra and on and on.  I have been very lucky to have found a job that gives me many opportunities to learn and teach new topics and subjects.  In addition to teaching, I am also a golf coach, rock climbing instructor and soon will be entering into yet another role: academic technologist.  Again, I count myself very lucky to have landed at such a supportive school.

Outside of class, I am very interested in health and fitness.  Two years ago, my wife encouraged me to become a certified personal trainer.  Although I have not trained anyone yet, I am proud t be an ACE certified trainer.  I feel it gives me an opportunity to reach out to some of my students (and others) to help them in what I feel is a key part of everyone’s life: being healthy.  Along these same lines, my wife and I are very active.  We love to head out to 5K races and throw i the occasional longer race or triathlon.  This summer, we will be taking…’gulp’…trapeze lessons.  All in all,we try to keep exploring what life has to offer.

The biggest adventure we have had is raising our three kids. At the moment, all three of them are 3 and under.  Jocelyn (3 and a half), Jackson (2 and a half) and Juliet (6 months) keep us very busy and very happy.  They are the most amazing kids you could imagine.




As you can see, I am pretty lucky.  I am looking forward to the program I am entering in to and hope to continue the great learning over the next few years and beyond.

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