Reflection following the Project

The project comes to an end and the students have presented their work.  Ideally, this is a time when we can all step back and celebrate.  Then what?

Evaluation.  Once the project is done, it is time to review what took place during the project.  What were the aspects of the project that went well?  What needs to be tweaked? Things to look at include the driving questions themselves and the direction they took the class (this seems like a good one to do with the students), the timeline of the project and the different skills needed to make the project flow better and become more relevant.

Who will you involve in the process?

  • As I reflect on the project unit, it seems essential to have student input.  It is easy for a teacher to feel like the work they have put in front of the students is interesting and meaningful.  Students, one the other hand, may not feel that way.  Developing a system for open and honest feedback is critical to continued development of  that project unit.  It is also important to get feedback from all teachers involved and from any “experts” who got to review the final project.  Essentially, it seems like the more information coming in, the better the chances of making improvements.

What will your process look like?

The process of reflection will likely have many different looks.  Personal reflection in the form of my own learning log, interviews with students and teachers involved and online evaluations that allow for anonymity all seem like valid ways to  elicit information that can be used in project evaluation.  ironically, even the process of valuating will likely have to be evaluated and tweaked over time (which answers the last question- Is this a one-time assessment?)

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