Ed Tech 513: Project 1- Multimedia Instruction

For this project, the assignment was to create a presentation that utilizes the multimedia and contiguity principles (I have tried to embed the presentation here, but had no luck) as they are applied to learning a process.  I have chosen the creation of a voicethread on voicethread.com as the process to be learned.  The method I chose was to take screenshots of the process and highlight the steps being described.  The utilization of screenshots that have been annotated (with arrows) reduces the cognitive load of the viewer, allowing them to better process the information.  The setup allows learners to easily find the necessary tabs and buttons to proceed through the process of creating and commenting on slides as well as sharing a completed voicethread.

The combination of the words (slide narration) and the graphics, in this case arrows, creates the “multimedia effect,”  which enhances learning.  Rather than simply reading over a screenshot or simply placing arrow on the screenshots with no narration, the learners are guided through the steps of the process by a combination of graphics and words.  Even this somewhat easy process becomes much easier to understand and process.

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