Welcome to my learning log.2012-10-21 11.12.47

My name, as you may have seen, is Jon Freer and I am currently a student on the Graduate program in Educational Technology at Boise State University.  My background is in Science and Education and I have been teaching at the Solebury School for 18 years.  Over that time, I have taught anything from Biology to Genetics to Forensics (much more actually).  One of the great things about my school is that I have always been allowed to pursue my interests and share them with my students.  While I do often teach some “core” classes, I am allowed to give my own spin to those as well.

A few years agao, I enrolled in a program called Powerful Learning Practices (PLP) and began an exploration of how how technology is changing perceptions of learning and education.  While the tech does play a central role, the main point was that many of the walls surrounding traditional formats of educations are coming down (or at least they should be).  Since that eye-opening experience, I have been exploring ways to shift away from being the disseminator of facts about Science to the guide that helps the students find their own way.  It has been a bumpy road at times, but I wouldn’t turn back even if I could.

All of this has led me to pursue a better understanding of  the role of technology in modern education.  I want to know what methods of technology integration are best and how to make quality technology based lessons.  In the long run, I hope to bring that knowledge to my colleagues at Solebury School as I transition to a position of Educational Technologist.

As for this blog, this is where I compile many of the assignments for my Ed Tech work at BSU and reflect upon my learning.  I hope you enjoy it.  Please feel free to leave comments.



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